Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor

Gideon Bosker, MD, the co-founder and CEO of DarwinHealth™, brings to this “precision-focused” organization the knowledge, principles, and aspirations nurtured during his 15-year career as an academic scholar and clinician. 

While a faculty member at the Yale University School of Medicine and Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. Bosker authored and/or or edited multiple core textbooks and journals in clinical medicine and pharmacotherapeutics among them, Pharmatecture: Minimizing Medications to Maximize Results, The Manual of Emergency Medicine Therapeutics, Clinical Consensus Reports, The Textbook of Primary and Acute Care Medicine, The QuickConsult Manual of Primary Care Medicine, Geriatric Emergency Medicine, and Pills that Work, Pills that Don’t.

Under his direction over the past 10 years, as Founder and CEO of CMEducation Resources, this globally-focused company has produced award-winning, live and digitally-based independent medical education programming in the fields of clinical oncology, biologics-based therapy, genomics-driven precision cancer medicine, diabetes, thrombosis, neurodegenerative disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, medical diagnostics, genetic screening, and metabolic disorders. These multi-platform initiatives, deploying proprietary technologies and reaching tens of thousands of physicians worldwide, have been implemented under the sponsorship of leading biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, including Bayer Healthcare, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Genentech, Roche, Daiichi Sankyo, Ipsen, Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, Eisai, Sanofi, Regeneron, Amgen, Genzyme, Natera, Teva, and Quest.

His leadership roles at both DarwinHealth™ and CMEducation have been instrumental in galvanizing an international network of the world’s leading scientists, clinical investigators, strategists, and industry leaders who share a commitment for advancing the frontiers and foundations of cancer medicine — as well as other critical disease states with unmet therapeutic needs — based on scientifically rigorous and innovative discoveries and technologies.