Darwin OncoTarget
Our core cancer diagnostic platform systematically detects and assesses the full repertoire of aberrantly active and pharmacologically actionable proteins in a patient-specific tumor sample, independent of the tumor’s DNA mutational state. The DarwinOncoTarget Report both identifies these actionable proteins as well as FDA-approved drugs and investigational compounds that can potentially be used to target them in the clinical trial setting.
Darwin OncoTreat
Our core cancer therapeutic platform systematically prioritizes FDA-approved drugs and investigational agents for a patient-specific tumor by aligning their context-specific mechanism of action (MOA) against the full repertoire of master regulators that constitute the Tumor CheckPoints in a patient-specific tumor context. The DarwinOncoTreat platform — and its accompanying DarwinOncoTreat Report — are currently being deployed in clinical trials at leading cancer research centers
Darwin OncoDiscovery

Our complete and proprietary pharmacological discovery and drug-tumor alignment solution for the biopharmaceutical industry identifies novel purposes for investigational and established drugs and also generates a mechanism-of-action-based roadmap for repurposing marginally effective, failed, or poorly understood drugs and compounds whose full therapeutic potential has not been realized. By dentifying novel biomarkers for drug sensitivity and response, this platform can be deployed to optimize design of pre-clinical and clinical trials. DarwinOncoDiscovery generates its unique drug characterization profiles by aligning the unbiased elucidation of their tissue-context specific mechanism of action with systematic dissection of pivotal mechanisms driving specific pathologic conditions in cancer and other disease states.

Darwin OncoSphere

Our comprehensive technology platforms offer a suite of  products and services for biopharmaceutical companies in order to accelerate the pace and precision of their drug discovery programs. A second component consists of diagnostic and therapeutic prediction technologies that hospitals, research centers, and clinical centers of excellence can deploy to improve design, biomarker profiles, and results of clinical trials.